so called Rhyme


From morning's pit
Grows the dark in wit

Begins again the, "I don't know"
Burns this fuse, slower than slow

Relentless and unforgiving, I am worry
Guilty, says prosecution, judge and jury

Stomach is the mind
Eroding thoughts, acid in kind

Fear is the feast
Indecision be the beast

Brain lock to bishop's night
Gut's delight

Clenched fist for breakfast
Food of the gods, fruit bearing nexus

Paralyzed in wait
Still birth of self hate

Terror in decision
Prayer for resurrection

Choking the life from me
Living the infants helpless fantasy

Save me, light
When brilliance comes, so goes colorless night

On white horse, truth without sham
Comes the illumination of, "I AM."

© 5.31.97 Neil Strassberg.
All rights reserved.


Putrid blanket
Surrounding pasty tongue
Falling up ladder
Top to bottom rung

Black dreams cloud the psyche
Tending to loiter and brood
Damn this shadowed mystery
Clarity doth ever Elude

Future tainted
By screen of childhood past
Fugitive beauty and happiness
For the damned, never seem to last

Awake cold
With the sweat of failure's fears
Contortions of expression
Sour from pungent tears

Awake again
Drink of strengths intrepid wine
Delivered from Egypt's bondage
Well, perhaps till next time.

© 5.21.97 Neil Strassberg.
All rights reserved.


Black is black
White is white...
Forgiveness free from contrite
Ha, I say
To utopia in this day.

Gray is all
All is gray
Forget how to love
Learn to forget
Past lives hold future regret.

Opium of the masses
Consuming masses of opium
Simplicity itself
Solving all riddles of conundrum.

Denial numbing soul
Soul denying origins of grace
Lifetimes trifled
In the name of saving face.

Smell of fear
Fear smells of apathetic volition
Who hath the cure
The cure for this nearly
Human condition.

© 9.14.96 Neil Strassberg.
All rights reserved.


Bug eyed Bobby boy
Don't fuk'n call me Bob, he bled
One look on this sucka's face
Bestow on you
Overwhelming dread.

Society's new breed of blue collar man
Got'ta plug sixty this week
Eighty if I can.

Waltzin' Matilda, this dudes wired
No doubt in my mind
My prediction...
Got'ta abuse dat chemical
The consummate modern in kind.

Check out his mirrors
All wired and shot
Denial on denial by denial
Just cuz his family still got.

Got'ta be crank
Cuz crack don't smoke like dat
Get that boy a reality compass
Fool don't even know where he's at.

Feel for him?
I don't
Just sorry as hell, messed up and sad
He ain't no freeway Ricky Ross
That fool is my fuk'n dad.

© 10.1.96 Neil Strassberg.
All rights reserved.


Pink aura of June sun
Cast against my pondering this day
Transformation held
Within a sliver of it¹s ray

My midnight star
Her every breath
Parting not the physical
Even in Death

Lies the power in magic
Beauty within her very name
Drawn helpless
By her soul¹s incandescent flame.

© 3.14.97 Neil Strassberg.
All rights reserved.

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